Our main goal since the foundation of our printing-house in1993 is to give our partners services of highest level by producing qualitative printing products. Our customer-focused approach assures trouble-free printing processes, granting quality and reliability for our clients.
Our fast and precise sollutions, high quality printing products are supposed to serve the development of the national visual culture. We ensure all this by a full printing implementation. Our activity covers the complete arched offset technology and the process of the book production.
As a result of our continuous innovation efforts we built a new printing hall in the recent past - with a support of the New Hungary Program - and also ensured space for a graphic design studio in order to cut down the length of the preparation process.  

Furthermore, for the completeness of our work we implemented the MSZ EN ISO 9001/2001 quality management system in 2004, with its help not only us but also our partners can get along with the complexity of the printing works easier.


Our scope of activities covers the whole process of the offset printing, bookbinding and -producing. Thereby, we wait for our customers with a wide range of products as the followings:

  • books,

  • newspapers, reviews, journals,

  • product descriptions, prospects, brochures,

  • writing papers, envelopes, folders,

  • posters, leaflets,

  • packaging technology products.

Our solutions are mainly used by publishers, universities and museums but due to our wide printing pallet we are able to serve our customers with low order quantities also comprehensively.  
The standard of our quality products is secured by our high-performance machines:

  • printing machines,

  • folding machines,

  • gatherer stitcher machines,

  • sawing machines,

  • board assembling machine,

  • inlaying machine,

  • perfect binder.




Sending data files:

- USB flash drive,
- CD or DVD
- E-mail:
Data format: PDF (must be in Composit PDF file format).
We can not accept open files (Corel, Word, QuarkXpress, InDesign, etc.).

In connection with the PDF files we always ask for: 

- bending of fonts, or
- use emedded fonts,
- in cases of four-color-file page-settings the pictures have to be in CMYK color system, - in cases of black and white files the pictures have to be in Grayscale format.
In cases of files that contain direct colors we can only accept Pantone C, CVC colors, and the Pantone color can only be used when it is the plate imaging color.
In a case when a direct color still remains we would disassemble them to colors for the four-color plate imagings but we won’t take any responsibility for the correct disassembly of the colors and the propriety of colors.

The customer takes the respontibility for the content of the closed files (PDF, PS) that’s why we ask you to double check the details of the materials before submitting them!

Printer settings to Post Script (PS) writing:

- width of the material: document size +30 mm,
- height: automatic
- pos: center horizontal,
- registration signs in the middle
- bleed: 5 mm
- offset: 12 point
- 2400 dpi
- 150 or 175 lpi
- Binary PS Level 2! Leading the printing into file.

Bleed box has to be 5-5 mm, and pls. put the crop marks in the document.
In documents made in QuarkXpress or InDesign the page size has to be same as the trim box.
There are composite or separate conversions possible when writing the PS. It is to avoid to mix these two saving methods within one material.
Saving has to be possibly made in standing format.
Blank (vacant) pages must be inserted in the PDF files in case of a book and other longer issues.
Saving can be made in tress.
For the sake of a smoother preparation of the reimpositions we ask you to make a note for us about these pages in e-mails.
We ask you to set the Font Inclusion possibility on ’ALL’ on Mac OS 9.
When saving the PDF you have to use the setting ’Press Optimized’, and only the ’Optimize For Fast Web View’ should not be marked out in the window Settings/Job Options/General.

In case of using InDesign pls., if possible, save under Acrobat 4, or above it but not in the latest version.